Friday, March 23, 2012

Hubba Bubba

I decided to complete the RE-Xtreme demo chassis 100%. Rear hubs replace the ugly plastic items on bot TA-06 and DRB

These Overdose Rear Hubs complete the rear of the Tamiya TA-06. 0 degree toe in.

Overdose design is always appealing. better access for maintenance of the rear shafts too.
Now I just have the front stiffener outstanding.

These are the Yokomo items for the DRB. 0 degree toe in here also. rear of the DRb already runs 3.5 degree. Yokomo now share a lot of components across their range. BD5 hubs fit DR and DIB like many other components.

These have nice access hole to flush bearings, but I think some gunge might get in there too.

In any case these complete the DRB chassis. Nothing else I want to do on it. Bling Bling.

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