Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TA-06 Phase 2.2 Preview

Bling Bling! TA-06 Phase 2.2 shakedown tomorrow.

These shots show the chassis at about 95% complete. I added a couple more details after this including a TRG chrome driver and some finishing touches with the antenna position and lighting connector..

The lipo sits nicely in the centre with small brackets, but I added some velcro to stop it sliding around.

removal is very easy compared to the old hidden compartment Tamiya chassis. I now have leftover Square battery holders.

I spent a little time colour coding the ball ends, plugs and other plastic pieces. I have the Tech Racing shocks to add also which have blue alloy IFS spacers too. I think it looks nice even though the colours are slightly different.

The chassis may get a full green and gold anodizing later, but for now it's blue blue blue.

Carbon graphite suspension arms are visible here.

Wiring is something I hate, but I think I managed to hide most of the wiring successfully. the ESC sits nicely in the forward area underneath the shocks. I'll get it on the scales and check corner weights soon. I think balance should be good, even if overall weight is up a little.

Tamiya RE-TA-06 CS 2.2 Tsunami Spec. 
with Overdose Tech Racing and RC Square

Tamiya TA06 Pro Chassis Kit
TRF Turnbuckle and Ball Joint set.
Team Bomber Front Turnbuckles
Yokomo Servo Turnbuckle
Kawada Hex Screw Set
Custom Carbon rear suspension tower

RC Square Lower Bulkhead front
RC Square Lower Bulkhead rear
RC Square Upper Bulkhead front
RC Square Upper Bulkhead rear
RC Square Stiffener rear

Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Lower Deck
Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Upper Deck
Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Upper Deck Stiffener
Tech Racing Blue Aluminium Deck Supports
Tech Racing Screws and Battery stays.

RE-Xtreme CS 2.2 pulley set
F Kazama 41T Alloy
FC RC Square 13T Alloy
FR RC Square 20T Alloy
R Tamiya 16T Plastic
RC Square Front Belt 171-57T
Eagle Pulley Mount
Overdose TA-06 rear rigid axle
Tech Racing TA-06 Three Way front axle (One Way Setting)

Overdose Tamiya 8 degree castor knuckles
Overdose Steering for TA-06
Overdose Front Stiffener for TA-06 (on order)
Overdose Front cranks for TA-06 (on order)

TRF Universal Shafts
Tamiya Carbon TB-Evo Graphite Long Suspension Arms
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mount FF 1XC Bar
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium Suspension Mounts FR 1XC Separate
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mounts RF 1XD Separate
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mounts RR 1X
RC Square Blue Aluminium Suspension Spacers.

TRF Damper Main Set
Overdose Spring Seat for Tamiya
Active damper pistons.
Yokomo Oil 300 F&R
Spring Rear: Kazama Soft Front: RC926 Ultra soft

Tech Racing Blue Aluminium Dampers Alternate setting.

Camber F:9 R:7
Ride Height F: 5 R: 5
Anti Squat -
Kick Up -


Keyence Brushless Set & Lipo Power
Keyence Tachyon ESC (SB Shine Blue)
Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T Motor (Street Jam Black case)
23T Kawada Pinion
86T Kawada Spur
Keyence TAO Aggressive Drive Controller (SR Shine Red)
Brake Power 40%
Neutral Brake Power 32%
Forward Speed 100%
Reverse Speed 50%
Drive Frequency 8KHz
Brake Frquency 8KHz
Neutral Brake Frequency 16KHz
Deans Battery Connectors
Kawada Motor Connectors


RE-Xtreme Tsunami Power 2800
Yokomo 2800 30C 7.4V 3/4 size lipo battery.

Sanwa RX-451 Receiver
Sanwa SRG-BL Steering Servo
Hobby Pro 8 LED Light Kit

Tech Racing 3.0mm Dry Carbon Front Shock Tower (not fitted)
Tech Racing 3.0mm Dry Carbon Rear Shock Tower (not fitted)
Square Battery Pin Set. (uninstalled)


  1. Very beautiful, I love your TA-06 !

  2. Could someone please direct me to the relevant source in order to purchase this exact same model.


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