Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Max Test Day

Testing... Testing.. Tsunami Spec Yokomo DRB and Tamiya TA-06

Today was more about trying to get the TA-06 to feel a little more like my awesome DRB.

I'll say I got pretty close. But I also tuned the DRB. It's now more sedate but mid-corner is even more controllable. Off-throttle stability is up!

Kazama Premium tyres add a slight bite to this chassis. Grip is slightly up when I use them. These are Spice TE-37 Wheels +9 all round.

My Yokomo DRB has Overdose 8-8 front C hubs and BD-5 rear hubs. Those and the Yokomo Team Suzuki long springs are the only changes over stock.

I added a 0.5 mm anti-squat rear plate and a 0.5 mm kick up plate on the front. In the end this turned out to be a little less nervous in off throttle transitions. Of course there was also an ever so minor adjustment to rear spring settings.

Rear 1.8x FCD gear set is a good setting.

Blurry pic... sorry.

I've reverted to using 3300 ni-mh on this chassis for the time being until Yokomo gets their production in order. It will use a 4200 lipo when they are available. More for cost rather than anything.
When the small size Lipo are in this chassis, it's even better.

With the Tech Drift Spec Chassis on the TA-06, it required a change to the small battery to get the layout I wanted.

It's really looking good.

New items are a Kawada low friction belt. and I'm playing with gear ratios.

I'm not running full camber yet. Just waiting for a small part so I can fit the 44mm front bones. At the moment camber is 7:F and 5:R. Should be 9:F and 7:R ... next time

This chassis has a CS ratio of almost 2.2 which makes it a tricky machine. The change of direction is incredibly fast. But today I have the chassis steering itself quite well and smaller inputs are required to get more angle or less angle as required.

I found with less camber, these RC926 tyres worked slightly better, but I'll be getting the spicey tyres back on soon.

Settings Setting Settings...

It all takes time to be perfect.


  1. Your chassis are really beautiful !

    Otherwise I have a small question, what did the reverse rear suspensions brings in driving ?

  2. Reversing the suspension (ta-06) brings the weight lower in the chassis.
    Some people say it helps traction, so I'm trying it.

    I don't notice much effect.

    However, there are negative effect also. The weight is on the suspension arm, so you are not moving only the piston, you are moving the whole shock.

    You need more force to move the shock. Like having a slightly harder spring.

    A quarter turn on the shock probably has more effect.

    Try it for yourself.

  3. Thanks you for the explanations, I will test soon ^^

  4. want to ask for the drb what is anti squat use for?
    what is the effect to the drb?


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