Friday, March 30, 2012

Parts Overdose

Ok, Today I got my latest FIX! Rocker arms and front stiffener.

Also some 44mm Overdose Universal Drive shafts and Dog-bones. These serve two purposes. 1, They allow me to run wicked camber. 9degrees up front and 7 degrees in the rear. 2. The extended thread on the shaft also allow the fitment of the large spacers you see on the hub. Normal hub spacer is 5mm. These are 8mm (+3mm) and I'm running a 1mm washer (=+4mm) +12 offsett rims (9mm over standard =+13mm each side) = a wide fat machine that oozes style. Follow the link to see the RX-7

Anyway. the chassis is basically complete. There are still things I could do, like servo mounts and belt tensioner in blue alloy. body posts etc. but for me this has been so expensive I have to stop.

My TA-06 has only a few things remaining from the original kit. (rear gearbox housing and drive shaft, suspension shafts and bearings) I've started to reassemble the original. It doesn't need much to have a second car.

It's easy to Overdose. These look so good. You can't stop. So the chassis is Tamiya? No, Suspension is Tamiya.

The chassis is a Tech Racing Drift Spec Chassis with RC Square and Overdose full modifications. Touches of Xray, Kazama, RC926, Kawada and Eagle Racing link these together.

Keyence ESC and Motor and Sanwa controls.

Sometimes it looks like this

But it slowly comes back together.

Overdose, Steering for TA-06, 8-8 Castor C-Hub Set, Front Stiffener and Bell-Crank rocker arm set fit perfectly.

The front is sooo smooth. Front ride height had dropped due to the position of the rocker but a change to preload on the spring should see it corrected.

I will need to reset everything this week.

I also had a little click click click from the front one way. but thats now gone. that little extra angle was needed.

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