Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tamiya TA-06 Phase 2.2

These shots are a build in progress. RE-Xtreme RE-TA-06 CS Phase 2.2.

Phase 2.2 stands for CS 2.2x overdrive

Kazama Auto 41T front pulley relieves the need for the tensioner and brings CS up from 1.8 to 2.2
Tech Racing Front One Way Axle (3 way possible)
This item replaces the Eagle Racing item of poor quality. I've already noticed a vast improvement.

All alloy on the car is now at the desired level. (suspension mounts not pictured)

Main items include

RC Square Lower Bulkhead front
RC Square Lower Bulkhead rear
RC Square Upper Bulkhead front
RC Square Upper Bulkhead rear
RC Square Stiffener rear

Overdose front castor knuckles and steering set has been swapped onto a new chassis along with previous CS gear.

Tech Racing Carbon Drift Spec Conversion

This includes

Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Lower Deck
Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Upper Deck
Tech Racing 2.0mm Dry Carbon Upper Deck Stiffener
Tech Racing 3.0mm Dry Carbon Front Shock Tower (not fitted)
Tech Racing 3.0mm Dry Carbon Rear Shock Tower (not fitted)
Tech Racing Blue Aluminium Deck Supports
Tech Racing Screws and Battery stays.
Tech Racing Blue Aluminium Dampers Front (Standard) and Rear
Rear rigid drive spool and more.

The design is quite pleasing. It suits my Tsunami Spec design motto. (chassis is a very limited item)

Currently building all standard spec dampers as rear shock sets of differing spec.
Not included in the kit were the Tech Racing Blue Aluminium Shocks Front (IFS versions)

Build was very simple. Everything can be now be tensioned properly. The plastic chassis and bulkheads had some real issues revolving around screw tension.

New Overdose IFS mounts will be added upon release to complete Phase 2.2

I've since replaced the suspension arms with advice from Overdose.

Tamiya Carbon TB-Evo Graphite Long Suspension Arms
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mount FF 1XC Bar
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium Suspension Mounts FR 1XC Separate
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mounts RF 1XD Separate
Tamiya  Blue Aluminium  Suspension Mounts RR 1X
RC Square Blue Aluminium Suspension Spacers.

This chassis will now move to a 3/4 size Lipo Battery Power also.
I'll reveal the full spec in a few days with pics and shakedown.
Of course Keyence and Sanwa re-used


  1. I love your chassis, verry clean, and not ordniary.

  2. Thank you..

    I hope to finish soon!

  3. Great build-up. Looking forward to read about the testdrive of this masterpiece.

  4. I love your TA-06, very beautiful.


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