Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pan Speed FC Build Update #3

Here's today's progress on the PAN Speed FC.

still have to clean up the black. but no time... press on.


Initial layer of pan speed masks took a long time.

Splitters and diffusers.

Black went on first. then I added the top set of pan speed logos. Blending Red -> Orange. The design by Shingo-san aka "415" was pretty complicated.

It won't be exactly the same, but pretty close. Backed with white and left to dry for a while.

I have a bit of clean up to do on the black and logos. But hey, the end result should be ok.
most of this will be hidden by stickers anyway.

Next step will be the waves. the design varied a bit over the years.

I'm using a mix of designs. The first version didn't have the shadows. This 2010 version does, so I'm doing a mix of styles.


  1. I like the shadows. I think it really adds a nice depth to the overall look. I can wait to see this thing finished.
    by AssMart from the Hyper Drift forums.

  2. It took me about 3 hours to clean up the
    First layer and apply the next mask

    It was longer than expected So I won't be painting until Monday at the earliest
    Damn! I wanted to get the shadows and detail paint out of the way...

    Waiting ...

  3. Wanted to ask, what material dud you use to mask the Pan-speed logos an leafs?

  4. It's just normal 3m style vinyl. it's ok for masks too. Just have to press the edges firmly.


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