Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tokyo Hobby Show - Yokomo Long Chassis

If you skimmed past the Hobby Show pics, you may have picked these up, but I think I forgot to mention these. The Long Wheel Base Prototypes from Yokomo

The DIB would need an upper deck to extend it to the around 280mm mark. These are still 10mm shorter than the Street Jam ML Chassis, which would be a BAD decision in my opinion.

The DIB would also suffer from massive chassis flex. Ive seen some lipos swell after some DIB action. If the lipo is used to support the chassis upper deck, I don't think thats a good thing.

The DPM would need the chassis, upper and lower deck and of course a longer rear shaft. you can see the battery can be mounted in 2 positions for preferred balance.

The difference is noticible between the stock versions.

So if you are after versatility. It may be time to upgrade that drift package to the DPM.


  1. How do you figure the dib only needs a top deck to extend the wheelbase? Lipo puffing from chassis flex is anecdotal at best. Only noobs would leave the upper deck tight against battery to tweak the chassis.

  2. sorry
    copy and paste fail by me on the upper deck. Yes of course a lower deck and belt are necessary.

    The DIB and DRB chassis are designed to accept large size batteries.
    Run times of over 1 hour are common with a 6800.
    they are just fit and are definitely supported by the chassis.

    as you state, noobs should take note.

    1. it causes different handling characteristics.
    2. in my experience it damages the battery itself.

    1 hour of flex in the chassis every day (my friends run every day) does take an effect. I have seen this.

    I dislike my 3/4 size thick battery in my DRb for the same reasons.
    The full thickness just fits in the chassis. it helps resists chassis flex and in doing so changes the chassis handling.
    Also constant wedged flexing on the battery case is not ideal and definitely can cause battery issues.

    So I recommend the thinner batteries in these chassis. The chassis can do its thing and not be resisted by the battery case.

    2x3000mah is about the same cost as a single 6000 anyway.

    also be careful in the DPM. the clearance for the rear shaft is not quite enough for the thick batteries. Ive seen the shaft chewing the battery case. Batteries do move around and a little extra clearance should be considered.

    the following examples of 24.5mm thick batteries are not recommended.
    Great as the perfromance is, in the yokomo chassis, they only just squeeze in.
    Yokomo YB-P242BN and YB-P240BN 
    Muchmore MLI-IH6800Z and MLI-ST4400Z

    It may not be


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