Friday, August 23, 2013

Garage chaos

I really don't know whats happening in the garage at the moment.

Everything is over-run by non-rotary machines.

But the RX7s are still in the majority.

cars everywhere.

So I tried to organize a little.

Rotaries centre.

RE-Xtreme Fd3s Widebody. (Tamiya Pal)
RE-Xtreme Missile Fd3s (Pandora).
RE-Xtreme "Taka13Bt" FC3s (Yokomo Samurai)
RE-Xtreme Pan Speed FC3s (Yokomo Street)
Hidari Maru S14 (Yokomo Uras +)
Tommi drift Prototype Evo III (ABC Hobby)
Powervehicles JZX100 MarkII (Yokomo 275)
.RSG. GRX130 MarkX (Yokomo 275)

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