Monday, August 26, 2013


I got some finishing touches for the Drift Package, TN Racing rear Toe Block and some Overdose Rear Hubs
(note to dummies like me, Overdose Rear Hub bearing width is not compatible with Type C or Team Suzuki drive shafts)

RC Art Derive Tyres in Hard for asphalt and Soft for concrete. Although the soft maybe better where I run.

I got these Top Line Matt Black rims last time. 

I thought I'd give them a whirl trying out my new Kazama tyre changer. Easy!

My DRB has been getting a bit of use. I'd better order some maintenance parts for it.

I'm still very happy to support the Japanese makers and shops directly.

Super Rajicon, RC Champ and RC-Art suppliers of Yokomo, Tamiya, Overdose, TN Racing, Top Line, Square, Mikuni, Pandora, Wrap Up Next, Accuvance, Sanwa, M's, Street Jam, Speed Way Pal, Speed Works, Team Bomber, Uras, Vertex and more. 

The only things I have bought in Australia have been over priced Tamiya PS paint, low quality batteries and Shoe Goo.

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