Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tommi Tribute - Update #4 - DRB +

Today was the Exhaust, Roof Dust Vent, Street Jam 17" TE37 Which I like a Lot.

The rear lights are smoked, but there's red buckets and black LED mounts in there.

The Exhaust is HPI with a small carbon protector around it. (a little black overspray on the back will be covered by stickers..)

I've started working on a Marlboro style helmet similar to Tommi's. Wild Tommi is coming. 

So each day it gets a little closer.  i have a rear parcel shelf to go in and I may mount the drivers on the body rather than the chassis. Still thinking about that one.

The major Job I did today was swap the Sanwa and Keyence electrics from the RWD into this DRB. So right now, the bright polished DRB is ready to go.

Might take it out for a test run tomorrow night with the RX-7 fitted.


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