Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tommi Tribute - Update #5 Stickers and Finals.

Well. it's nearly nearly there. just needs a few small things.

 The Top Line Drift Fighter N-Model in +9 are definitely the wheel I will use. The rally image is present with these. I love the mid 90's rally cars in tarmac spec, so I added the Monte Carlo 1995 Challenge logo.

Mini Tommi and Mini Russ are ready (I think mini Russ needs some rotary stickers on his helmet) I originally just drew the logos with a sharpie, but I thought some stickers would work better.

Anyway, those guys need to be added inside to match the driver pairing.

I'll need some LEDs also perhaps another car will donate some for now.

I've tried my entire wheel collection on this car, and I don't know what is best, so I chose a few different wheels.

These prodrives are not to bad. I need a little tow strap too.

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  1. Alwaya inspiring me to build things mr Russ.i follow your blog evey day waiting for your new creations.keep it up!!


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