Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rippin it again.

 Well my intentions were well intentioned.

I was planning to take the Mark X on the repaired DIB 275. change the tyres for Yokomo0R2 an go.

But I forgot my inner tyre mounts. So I didn't have any decent tyres... again.

I was using these insanely hard Active Hobby tyres. No Grip , Lots of slide. No Stop. Speed was slow. but fun.

 The Rippit Surface is epoxy covered, but that has all but worn off. it's down to polished concrete. 

 But this is my DRB after a short session. White dust cloggin everything. its fine too, so I'll be cleaning everything carefully again.

We don't know how long the track will remain. There were ideas for carpet, but that seems to be changed to a touring car / race venue and the surface may be changed.

So enjoy it while it lasts.

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