Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tommi Tribute - Update #3 - details

The EVO III is progressing.It's actually pretty close to complete.

Dash is in. Small details are starting to come together. door handles, Mirrors, a few small stickers with the larger ones remaining to be printed. Then the drivers will go in and it's done.

As you can see... this will be on the DRB.

I'll be transferring the ESC back from the RWD for the time being into the DRB.

Keyence Black 7.5T and Black Tachyon.


Buy Keyence Airia Turbo + Luxon 10.5T Red Jacket for the DIB
Move Speed passion 10.5T Dokyo and silver Tachyon to RWD

anyway... that may take a while.

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