Wednesday, August 7, 2013

RC Techno Drift RWD Night session.

Tonight was fun.

I took the DP-R up for its first run on a large carpet track.

My Drift Package R spec was met by a friends DPM turned R Spec also. They are very different in setting.
Behind you can see a nice R32 4 door that was stalking us!

We were all struggling for real speed to catch the 4 wd cars, so I tried these RNR hards on the rear which brought me up to speed, and allowed a little tandem FD3s action as we all fumbled with rear Wheel Drive settings among the 4 cars we were trying.

Our widebody FD3s tandems were pretty cool.

We ended up with similar machines. Both widened and mounted forward, lights up and huge kunnyz wings.

As you can see, we both used a variety of rear tyres and rims while searching for stability.

 I also took the S14 Drift Package and my DIB 275 Chaser which proves to be nicely set up for some 4wd Tandem.

Nights on!


  1. Was good fun last night, Russ.

    1. Who dis,?

      but,,, yes it was fun!

    2. Ben, with the copper JZX100.

  2. Have you got some pictures of the DPM?

    1. Sorry,

      we were still getting final settings.

      lots of overdose parts. it looks pretty and performs well


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