Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rippit Sunday S-Session

Silviarmageddon continues... issan-ichiyon-ichigo

All three cars are massive wide bodied beasts.

All with touches of Speed Way Pal, Uras, Admiration and more.

My session started like this. 

With the matt black DRS-10 with  +9 not even close to filling the guards on the s14. I useually run +12 on this machine.

You may notice some dust.

This surface is terrible. Epoxy dust has us choking.

 13 14 rears both run the uras drag wing. only the red beast has some custom work.

including the undesirable kind. The red beast has some 300 hours of track time. thats a lot of crashes. Still looks pretty good.

A fun afternoon.

Chiba ne! - san-qyu san-qyu!

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  1. Any moore picture of the blue silvia with the white wheels?
    Looks wicked!


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