Sunday, August 18, 2013

Polishing at Rippit

Well Today was awesome. The whole Rippit track to myself for the entire afternoon!

I've got the EVO III to a state where I thought it should debut.It has lights, but they are not connected yet.

So here is the track.. (I moved a few things around to make it longer and more challenging on my line.)
the outside one.

The guys are stapped in ready to go.

Today I used some old Kazama premium carpet tyres that worked very well. (by myself)
So no speed to compare to.

The main chassis is my DRB. 1.8cs and it's working well.

I like the lighting at Rippit. Pretty cool. (now only if we could get a diorama track in here.)

Anyway. Today's test was interesting. the FD3s body is slippery. The difference in dynamics between this and the 4 door lancer is crazy.

I needed 4 extra turns on the rear shocks to get anywhere near the setting of the Rx7.

Although it looks nice. I'm not sure about the dynamics of this one. I think It may be a shell for the Drift Package. it might be interesting to pull off the roof vent. Because I know that its creating drag and it really stops the car like an air brake. I may have to at least close the vent.

Anyway. All good. It certainly looks the part.


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