Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mid Week Rip.

I knew I should have taken the Red Silvia. Wide and low was the theme.

4.0x almost Rear Wheel Drive. I only just noticed the inverted canards...

Rocket Bunny rear is cool!

I spent the limited time we had tonight, to tune the body a little. I've got 60grams under the trunk lid. Much Much better.

This contact made a nice sound! So I didn't fx it.

Dust Dust everywhere. Maintenance coming.

We still don't have a real home for Gold Coast drifting.  the surface at Rippit will become Grip/Kid friendly, so the hard core tandem drifters won't be playing much.

Hmmm Where to go?


  1. Thanks for the photos of my red S13!

    1. No problem, It's nice when they are shiney!
      gotta invert those canards though


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