Monday, May 2, 2016

DRB-REW Good Vs Evil

Choose a side...

 Each chassis can have it's own personality. Which one is good? Which is Evil?

With the upcoming classic car show on the 15/5/2016, I've been working on a refresh for the Holden / Isuzu Gemini. But I've also been playing with the RB7. While this goes on up top, the chassis are also evolving.

I have chosen quite powerful terms for my "Tsunami" Blue and "Samurai" Red chassis. The destructive force against the competition. 

Embracing the Japanese essence of power, I always find it difficult to run low RPM motors effectively. It's just not my style.

Having recently tested taller gearing and high torque settings. I'll err to higher RPM and more RPM range any time.

I've actually been testing a whole range of setup changes. Castor, Camber, Front and rear, dampers and springs in search for something extra from the RWD. 

While some changes with a weight shifting chassis, finding that one that I love is difficult. Some extra camber on the Tsunami chassis with the rear link is working well. More conventional rear setup on the Samurai is only beginning it's setup charge.

Overdose Upper arms and V2 requires a bit of alloy carving for correct droop. Full lock against the shock may require a slight adjustment.

Turning the shocks upside down creates a couple of valuable millimeters. Long wipers can be too long. I've changed ackerman for elimination of toe in at full lock which causes a slow chassis that is effectively stopping itself.

I've also revised the wiper connection. Now pushing forward of the wiper pivot on a custom position.

So while I'm not yet complete these two are vastly different in configuration and as such, perform with different characteristics.

As these two of my three DRB-REWs near completion. What path shall the 3rd Typhoon take?

Aggressive and Twitchy vs Stable and Lazy ?

High Power vs High Torque? 

A small tweak here and there surely does change everything.

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