Friday, September 16, 2016

DRB-REW Typhoon Version 1.2

RE-Xtreme .RSG. DRB-REW Typhoon Silver Version 1.2

It's been a long journey for the REW, my original prototype chassis still works great. but I wanted to include the small changes I have made along the way. So I'm moving the #000 chassis to another DRB currently in mid battery config.

 This chassis is the last of the Version 1.2 production run which now numbers #039.

small changes to front extensions.

Thicker shock towers.

and .... oooh that twill is always an option. But this post is really about the SSG.

A small change to battery tray allows adjustment forward position by 6mm.

Version 1.1 upper deck includes changes to the steering mounts for strength.This chassis uses original DRB Tower supports so the type C front brace is required.

A slot has been placed in the lower main deck for easy servo horn access when using the front servo location.

I've changed the cutout on the left side for more mounting options. Design remains through the rebate.

all original options remain. For those using normal length shocks a lower mounting position certainly is an advantage.

Rigidity braces are included as options, lower diffuser mount suits Yokomo drift package.

So with the transformation complete and the typhoon spec almost ready to run and the Prototype chassis swap underway.

It's now time to complete packing the #028~#038 for shipping by next week.

Box sets ready for delivery.

2x Black Carbon and 1x Silver Carbon in Stock.

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  1. Are these for pre-orders or will you have some available for purchase? I'm interested in getting a rear/mid motor conversion for my DRB. Thanks!

    1. So far 1/2 are reserved. 5 remain for sale.


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