Saturday, September 24, 2016

YD-2 - Yokomo's dedicated RWD chassis.

Yokomo's YD-2 has been long awaited and yes, it has already taken over.

The absolute RC Drift Benchmark for the last 10 years has been the MR4TC based Drift Package and it definitely is just as capable in RWD form as Yokomo and so many other makers simply converted the thousands of Doripake out there.

So it would take a lot to raise the level. The longtime D1 supporter continues into the next wave with a this   very capable product. Combining a whole lot of ingenuity from proven setups to a simple and effective Chassis.

These days there's always one more item you need and Yokomo have take care of that too. The YG-302 Gyro takes care of the slow and accurate steering required for RWD.

You can see many pretty pictures here on the Yokomo Web Site

I had the pleasure on my trip to Japan to sample before I put my cash on the table.  I drove the YD-2 & YD-2 Plus with it's carbon plates and big bore shock upgrades.

I sampled Kamikaze conversions.

that allow flexibility of battery layout.

I drove plastic YD-2 machines with the Wrap Up Next VX dock and a host of options.

And this Kamikaze conversion with high motor in-line battery version + VX Dock converted Monster!

So why has this already happened in a just one month since release.

Does it need more parts? Does it need a conversion? Why replace everything except the Gearbox that is the defining part in the YD2. I guess that's harder to replace.

Well, individuality, preference and the fact that everything can be improved is the main thing.

Big bore shocks react slowly. That's a negative for some people. 

Not much weight in the front. Some guys want 50:50 weight distribution. so a front servo option with alloy slide rack is already perfected.

Plastic is plastic. Don't we all want a pretty machine?

I thought about all these chassis a lot. Beneath Mori-san's FC is a full plastic stock as a rock YD-2 that was very very very good.

I have many RWD chassis now and all started as Yokomo, 3 x DRB-REW, FR-D, A Plastic Drift Package that are all very very good, and all very very different, so I took the plunge and plan to keep this as a demonstration model for those thinking of entering RC Drift.

I may do my own .RSG. Design conversion later, but for now... wait for the build thread. 

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