Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Japan Trip 2016 - Tetsujin Drift Lounge

See these three Tetsujin Flags in a row... they are very important.

Welcome to the Team Tetsujin Drift Lounge.

There are many styles of RC drift in Japan. Asphalt surfaces have a unique flavour, and this one was awesome!

It wouldn't be right not to run Testujin Super Rims.  Rear tyres were changed to RC-Art Derive HDPE H compound. Which to me felt just right.

The asphalt here is super compact and is just like Yatabe arena. Although the track is about 200 times narrower. Just how I like it.

Mizunaga-san has collected so many RC related items over the years, this is his ultimate man-cave, showcase, shop and garage.

Everywhere you look, there's a unique rc car or related good. Real cars are housed here also but I won't show everything. You should come here.

The circuit lighting is also great for a night session. light and dark patches, just a like a real circuit would have.  

 Enough posing... Lets drift!

James and I had a great run for a long time. 

Doing our regular thing. door to door.

past awesome scenery. 

And really enjoying the feel. 

you can become so involved in this circuit. 

there's soo much fun to be had.  The circuit is a direct copy of Meihan. (perhaps a tiny bit shorter in scale terms) but very very similar. 

Remember those 3 flags from the first picture... they are Mizunaga-san simply gave us this challenge as he placed them a good few meters from the end of the thin straight.

You mist be really aggressive and hold the slide all the way along the fence... Sounds easy right? Wrong!

But a challenge is a challenge. Dave took the controls of the black beast and we set about improving lap after lap.

Immediately realizing we needed that extra speed to carry the slide all the way past the end of the wall with RWD! 

Every lap looked great, but we really were only needing to concentrate on the corner leading onto the straight, the straight itself and that all important entry. 

The rest of the track has Tetsujin OEM curves of course, which means more than our fair share of curb riding. Woo Hoo! 

So how did we do... well over the next few hours...  we tried hard.

I was loving it. After the first battery, I switched to my more direct chassis. Throwing it in here was awesome.

But then you have to setup really early.

Because if you get even a little sideways onto the straight... You probably wont have enough speed.

A Line like this was much better. Flattening out the corner.

on a very light arc while building speed without drift!

then once you have enough car speed you can start to hammer as wheel spin isn't so easy  picking up to full attack.

Then a sharp dive across track for that magic super-aggressive flick onto full lock. You will need all of your 85 degrees here. then

hang.. as long as you can

If you have done well, you won't have moved far from the wall at all.. I think we were getting the hang of it in our first time. But of course I'd have loved another go ... and another.

and once past the end of the wall... there's another challenge.

A: not spinning.
B: not going too deep

because these ripples are going to punish you!  Fun though!

There were many many many attempts... many fails but at the end... many many successes.

Team Tetsujin Drift Lounge... Another amazing RC Drift venue with it's own style.

Mizunaga-san and Ando-san. Thanks for the awesome mini-tour and much much more. 

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