Thursday, September 22, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 - Circuit Dr.

 Day three was a Visit to the Doctor...

Welcome to the Circuit Dr.! Aloha!

Circuit Dr. has a hint of an Hawaiian theme and the owner is always rocking a Hawaiian shirt.

I hadn't visited here since the carpet was ripped out and I was running 4wd. about 4 years ago.

Hence the Tiki idols and surfboards scattered around the track.

Dave Redman... First Lap. To say that the layout is something we were familiar with was an understatement.

Second Lap Bang! Bang! Game on!  90 degree plus entries on this Japan Standard Layout circuit.

High Speed kink straight, open corner in to S bend the wide corner.

An empty track helps you get comfortable and concetrate on other things.

James again taking time outs for photos. It doesn't take long to get 50 off quality shots at these tracks.

Low Stlye project on a flat track...

Flat sliding... 

past the tiny palms.

position strong and our worlds about to rock...

I'd been struggling with the R32's speed at Wins... so this day was a chance to correct a few things.

but not until we had pushed to our limits.

Most of the time 3 deep. for One hour the reverse direction battle was ON! this way the track was something we were extremely familiar with

Side by side accelleration

into a Scandinavian flick entry. Very GCRCD style.

Time to get DR. Style ... Square Tyre Topline all round. Dr. Tyres are Sniper HDPE. effectively the same.

locals pushing the square tyre Iroha style So I swapped rims and joined in.

the influence the constant trains have had on J-Style is infectious. Time to get J-Style

I spent a good part of the afternoon practicing on Topline TDT-002PE "rubber" tying to get that flat tyre grip.

One thing I didn't actually notice was the ONE10.RCDT banners from Sydney. That's a cool touch.

Chillin' between stealth attacks.

I pulled out the R32 again once a few more arrived. Shingosetting a great line.

Eventually getting used to "a" kind of comfy setting.

But my NA 6 Cylinder Tachyon 10.5T R32 didn't have the squirt. 

So I upped the Ante with the 4 rotor NA FD.

With many Japanese guys not having seen the Demi works kit. It definitely attracted it's fair share of attention.

But then, I was joined by an old friend and his 86 buddies. Just like real cars, these two in Japan are typically setup to run slower than the high power machines.

My trip in Japan was highlighting the real style choices that people bring to RC.

A stock looking 86 should drive as it looks, right?

A mix of fast and slow speed provided a definite style spread that began to open the eyes to possibilities for my FR-D and other chassis in my stable.

Under the FC is a full stock plastic YD-2. Amazing with Dr. Morita's setting.

A great day with all that attended. Go Go Dr.

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  1. Glad you still have this blog going,it's very inspirational hope to some day do the same and go to Japan and drive there circuits.


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