Saturday, September 24, 2016

GCRCD - Full Attack

Back at GCRCD, I have definitely leveled up since my trip. A huge thanks to all the names on this body and many many more. The people I met have had a huge influence on my RC skill.

Settings are difficult as we all know but I tried to learn something from everyone I met. And now I am applying that to my driving and settings at GCRCD.


Today I was happy to unload some knowledge to a few of the regulars.

Within a short period, their driving was showing a noticeable difference in form.

These guys love their RC.

So today I tried a whole bunch of things to replicate the things I had learned. Passing my machine to others to experience settings and driving feel. Then challenging them to replicate style.

My DRB-REW front servo machine is now very well sorted, but honestly it can be another 10~20% better again. Being converted from second hand donor chassis parts... It needs a full bearing replacement and refresh of all moving suspension pins and major shock parts. 5 years of life in an RC chassis means alignment is not as secure as it was intended.  

But that doesn't stop you getting close to fantastic. Even when someone else at the controls.

It doesn't take long fro the smiles to appear.

Play time indeed

the hours flashed by today. and night. 

Until next time. Battle on!

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