Sunday, September 25, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 - IROHA Training Day

With a packed schedule, we knew we'd need more time at IROHA. 

So guess where we were the next morning...

In the last post we were simply overwhelmed by the IROHA community. With about 30 people at the circuit it was hard to relax and take in everything. So this day was a Monday to chill out and try to learn something more. 

a couple of the local Iroha drivers attended with us and it made the day so amazing. I learned so much.

After spending a good hour or so checking out specs of a couple of chassis, I handed over my DRB-REW to the owner of Iroha.  

No slouch at the controls himself it seems although the previous evening his was predominantly on the Video Camera.

Starting smoothly and getting used to my DRB he was kind of taking it easy. 

Over the next 30 minutes or so I witnessed the stability that wasn't there in my own technique. 

Smooth and no hint of the knife-edge style that I believed the chassis had. 

So I took in as much as I could visually. But why wasn't I seeing as much angle as we usually do. 

With some encouragement by me to push the REW bit harder... A big smile started to appear.

I was happy taking photos of my machine on this amazing circuit. 

There's some great detail around this place. 

fantastic lighting and the sum of the whole looks great!

Ducking in and out of the scenery is great.

Without these small items, a focal point would be quite difficult. But it was actually the smoothness and wheel speed that I was watching very closely.

Anyway, those big braking entries were appearing lap after lap... 

It was great to get some shots like this. 

This is a Typical sequence from a lot of similar laps. Cranked!

Settled on Line

And driving through.

So then it was our turn... I can't remember if this was Dave and I driving our cars or Iroha members... perhaps the latter.

Because I was really enjoying this S15 and it's loose beast underneath. While Dave was enjoying this VX-Dock YD-2  Mark X

Trying different cars helps build your knowledge base and reference points.

to see whats possible.

Straight input. 

100 degree output.

With driving techniques so hard to describe in text... 

All I can say is... you have to be smooth to be aggressive.

Building on everything we have learned in Japan to date... Thanks to IROHA, I really picked up a missing piece to add to my driving ... but soon this too would be challenged.

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