Saturday, September 24, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 - Faster

Being smooth is the key to run "Faster"

Welcome to Faster Circuit Saitama.

We were welcomed to Faster Circuit by the owner of Secret Base and Rob from Sugiura RC among a bunch of locals.

It certainly didn't take long for the high level benchmarks to appear.

As the boys ran lap after lap.

Drb's conversions, Drift Packages, YD-2s and a whole bunch of conversions of all.

Porsche is hiding a YD-2.

Rob's Drift package was probably the most memorable chassis I drove in Japan. An absolutely amazing amount of grip coming from ? the sum of many small things ?

With such a high level of machine already in his garage, I could definitely understand why he wasn't happy with his YD-2 which was average by his own comparison. But I'm sure he will work on that.


So hence YD-2 tuning will definitely progress. You can't imagine what a high level chassis feels like until you try some of these beasts.

Another thing I learned here was the amount of maintenance these guys do. Every chassis is tight and smooth in operation. It is a key element.

Thank you to all those who handed me a controller. I really appreciated it.

Kamikaze Tune YD-2 was amazing.

But the chassis are all varied, you get points for identifying these machines.  Bianca with a Dock??

Jimmy's DP of some kind... The VX Dock is something I have a struggle with. My own chassis achieve much more lock than these, so we were able to induce spins from many cars following us as they couldn't really get as much angle.

I guess it stems from need for lock to avoid spins or choice of how much lock you need for a faster speed drift or constant control.

 These cars are fast and can match speed to whoever they run with.

I do not know how many laps Jimmy did on this day...

Non stop constant battles. But definitely on the limit of his VX  DOCK setting.

TOPLINE Owner was cranking it up also. Most guys running topline here.

I had accumulated quite the collection of N-Model rims on the tour. A favorite of mine.

Now I have White, chrome, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Black choices for my R32

I was getting more and more used to TDT-002PE Sports Edition tyres at Faster.

Straight line proximity equally important on a long straight like this.

Application of Throttle and straighter corner exits were prominent tools.

start close... continue close. 

Some of the guys we met at one track magically re-appear at others. Just RC Lovers...Manage the Angle!!!

Driftline chassis drew attention everywhere. 

James's machine was now Turbo-ified and he was enjoying the Full power boost.

I had to try other techniques to stay fast.

never too far away though.

And ON line.

Secret Base, Faster and Seed are all in the same general area and to some extent Shift also is not too far away, unfortunately after we had started our return journey many more arrived and continued to play late.

 I can thoroughly recommend Faster Circuit. A great faciltiy, with great shop, staff and regular members.


  1. Thanks a lot for the visit and these amazing pictures ! I did't realize you were taking so many pictures! My yd2 is getting better, more stability and smoothness. Finally I'm starting to enjoy this chassis!

    1. I was lying on the floor... someone posted on their blog... haha.

      Well, I hope your YD-2 becomes on the same level as your DP. Because I'll probably need some tips for both my plastic machines.... haha.


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