Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 - WIN'S Narita

WIN'S style is definitely FTW! 

Welcome to WIN'S Narita.

You may have seen some of these beasts on videos, but believe me, there are whole league of falken liveries on tracks all over Japan.

Team styles are super cool to run with and our own A~bo~moon inspired designs fit right in.

Everyone we meet is super generous and Japanese hospitality is amazing.

Win's is a large track in Chiba, not too far from Narita Airport. Painted urethane in rough concrete with some gentle slopes provide great motion.

and the look and feel is great.

It took quite a while to come to grips with the angle and speed together...

But these two guys prove that a plastic DP and a plastic YD-2 are as good as any other chassis out there.

With WIN'S regulars running full turbo on 10.5T motors (somewhat of a Japanese standard these days) My NA Luxon Tachyon combo had be working super hard at the controls.

Eventually settling in with help from locals and 'Keru-san.

some awesome laps.. but it's so hard to pick up someone else's car and run hard as we tried each others machines. 

My DRB-REW are full of old components from yahoo auction donor machines so I pity those who pick them up sometimes.

But I know how they work...

Keru-san and I running some hard laps here.

I was a bit too flat at times...

But the other guys had a bit more angle on tap... Danna-san especicially cranking the angle.

After setting up Boost on their Sanwa ESC. Driftline boys were having a lot more capable chassis.

Slow style with big angle and near zero mm gaps at times... Dave guided here by the WIN's sandwich technique between Utachi-san and Danna-san!

Huge thanks to James on this day as he seemed to enjoy being behind the camera at times.

Zukkun's D-Like RER here setting a great target pace for most of the day.

Giving us all something to practice.

Here is me on an embarrassing formula D USA line... Yes... that means BAD!

It's basically me struggling with not enough power to get back on line.

Regular styles are infectious

It was an amazing introduction to big track running with a scale speed emphasis.

Absolutely loved my time here.

Watching the locals is something you need to do to "get it" 

You can't expect to run your own style on these tracks. 

Japan is all about enjoying the community feel with a bunch of guys on the same page.

James and I went shopping the day before... can you tell what we bought.

RIMS baby!

As today is Keru's birthday...

a little feature of his beast.

Showing you don't need a big budget to have fun.

I think that also came across at Wins. 

You don't need big cash to have fun.

High Rear wheel RPM for a slower outright speed.

With big angle thrown in constantly.

My max-one friends joining us again at Wins also. 

So comfortable at this place.

The corner radius at Wins is a magic thing. 

You simply chuck it in, then hammer down an your car runs right along the wall.

This style set a bench mark for me that was very very high. 

I was smashing throttle and brake to keep the rear just where I needed it.

I've never driven my rc chassis harder than here.

as soon as you hit the corner exit... it's near full lock.

Super super rewarding.  Sorry Kel, but that's a straighten...

You can run wins circuit fast, but it's just not done... never!

As soon as you do that... you lose proximity

And these guys love proximity

WINS Narita... A MAZING!!!!

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