Wednesday, September 28, 2016

FR-D + .RSG. 86 Project

FR-D Front Motor , Rear Drive - Drift.

With the DRB now needing maintenance after a tough trip and other projects stacking up... I thought it's a good time to get stuck into the FR project which has been on the back burner and basically clear the work bench.

I was quite impressed by the number of Wrap up next FR-D chassis in Japan that live under ol'86 machines.
And when you get them all together, the vibe is less intense than the full on D1 style. 

Yossy's DIB also toned down into AE86 style. There's currently a whole bunch of AE86 Masters events going on.


 Watanabe's 8 Spoke ON.

Chassis Spec
Wrap Up Next FR-D v3
Wrap Up Next GX knuckle
Wrap Up Next VX Y Arm
Wrap Up Next VX Upper Arm
Wrap Up Next FR-D Rear Gearbox with floating toe adjustment
Wrap Up Next VX rear Suspension
Wrap Up Next VX rear Upper Arm
RC926 Front and Rear Shock Towers
RC926 Spring Set
Yokomo BD-7 Shock Set
Yokomo Alloy Rear Spool
Yokomo Alloy Drive Cups
Active Hobby Lightweight drive shaft,
Active Hobby Servo Holder
Overdose Servo Saver

NA Powertrain is standard fare
Keyence Tachyon ESC
Keyence Luxon KG Motor
Savox Servo
Sanwa SGS-01D Gyro 

Only the ESC rewire to go now before the FR-D gets motivated. A 1/2 weight shift layout but I'll try to move the ESC and servo to the back to clear a realistic space for the driver and balance a bit more.

 I've already replaced some alloy with plastic to reduce the front weight. There maybe more to come during setting but at the moment bound and rebound is still lively. 

Target Body is Pandora PAB-120 with inner set. Expect something a little rough and a little crazy...

So to all the FR-D and FXX-D owners out there, lets crank up the 86s

Btw,  Ema's FR-D Setting is here.

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