Sunday, September 25, 2016

Japan Tour 2016 - IROHA

IROHA style is somewhat defined in this image.

Welcome to RC Drift Circuit IROHA!

IROHA circuit is quite far from Tokyo towards the Nagoya region. My number plate "1-6-8" is also used in shop promotion and relates to the pronunciation of the name in Japanese numbers.

I've been watching the Videos from IROHA since I switched to RWD and I had to be a part of this.

Almost no-one runs a driver in japan, but our drivers were such a hit, I hope to see less driver less machines on track in the future. for sacrifice of 30 g balance... It's a 100x better in pictures.

On this day/night all of the regular members had gathered. We were so privileged to meet everyone and be part of this..

Before reading on...

Please watch this video... It shows... exactly the IROHA style and awesome continuous drift. Thanks so much.

Enter the fail crew.

Line them up!

Run THE same line with the same spacing.

And don't be afraid to go hard.

because the practice has already been done.

So 20 cars doing 90 degree entries is not a problem. Speeds and settings are similar.

The lines of the many prevail.

and those cool long snaking trains are amazing to be part of and to watch.

With this 1/2 to 1 car spacing comes margin for error and although small mistakes are everywhere up and down the train.

If you run a bit narrow, a blast of Turbo and you are back running wide again

So these guys target the rear bumper to rear wheel region in their flow. Something our aggressive style needed a bit of adjusting too. No-one runs the Formula D Front bumper to Front bumper line at this place.

But it didn't take long until we were all following that line.

And playing along with a huge smile.

We also got to sample some amazing machines. The Wrap Up Next components maker is a regular here, so it makes sense that the suite of products are all on display here. FR-D MR-D, and a whole bunch of machines fitted with a VX-Dock front end including this YD-2

Having attended R's Meeting at Fuji Speedway earlier in the day, we arrived late to the circuit so it was a blur... but the next day... we would return and learn.

I took a special liking to this Mad Mike Style FC. Simple but well detailed.

Stay tuned for more from IROHA

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