Friday, September 30, 2016

FR-D + .RSG. 86 Project - Testing

The 'ol workhorse is back but underneath is a new direction.

While the target for this FR-D with "Omikoshi" Battery layout is an o'l school 86, the first test will be with the GT86.   Rear mounted esc, capacitor, servo and the lateral petrol tank should provide a good balance and aid rear traction.

I'm pretty happy with my wiring Job. There's a lot of wire needed with the motor at the front and the ESC way at the back. you could try and tuck it away. But I'm not a chassis nerd, just drive it. 

There are a few minor things that could be better as this RC926 front tower bar is too high for my TRD 2000GT and because it doesn't line up with the Type C wrap up mount exactly, it's just not perfect, but 98% is good for a test. 

then Body... make.

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