Tuesday, June 28, 2016

RIPPIT Tuesdays

Welcome back to Rippit. Switch back to a complete change in direction.

Battles continue no matter the surface

 CS vs RWD  takes a bit of balance

adding some non-traction additive made a world of difference to the grip level. 

A change of setting had my DRB-REW sliding with the wide.

And of course a bit of technique to get things out on the limits.

Because of the extra grip, carpet driving requires a different skill set, tuning setup and whole lot more to think about. 

GCRC Tuned cars run pretty well anywhere, but making some adjustments can add those few extra degrees and a few extra inches if slide.

But the end result is similar. It's RC drift, and we have a great bunch of drivers.

So the battles still happen. We have split the large Rippit area into a two track layout. One larger wide open layout. and a small tight proximity circuit.

Having both helps keep a bit of flexibility in managing skill levels and keeps the interest alive.

 We still get our drift on.

Rippit is open any day, but we are lucky to have the support of the RIPPIT venue at Oxenford for dedicated drifters on Tuesday nights at the moment. Come and check it out.

 Join the battles

And try a new direction.

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