Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pan Speed FC Build Update #8 - Final Final

OK, Finally final... Almost.

Overall, the body itself is finished. All the paint and stickers are on. Thanks to comments from blog readers, I've added panel lines.

 And I printed off the final round of stickers. Pan Speed coloured, Tsunami Waves for the rear and a bunch of things like the rear wing stickers and I added sticker swaps from other guys I've met including some 13bt fans.

I had a bit of space left over on the sheet, so I printed a lot of logos and my RSG design logs for the mirrors. My friends at Speedhunters.com get support on the front window and i printed a lot of small speedhunters stickers also.

When I mounted the body, all i could see inside was a wall of white. The under-body colour was really offensive, you might say I got a bit carried away with photo-realistic door trims with custom logos, I've got another sheet ready for the NFS car too.

 I've installed a 6 point "straw" roll-cage and a Tech Racing dash with custom photo-realistic FC gauges and centre console, but the window tint is a bit dark to see those. I may cut the window a bit later... one of the few features remaining is to paint the steering wheel.

I've added quad front and rear lights and this diffuser for now even though I know it will be destroyed. I'm building a prototype splitter than I plan on selling, so stay tuned for that. Secret business. The other detail remaining is to re-enforce the front with FRP tomorrow before I head to max one.

But I have a dilemma. Which wheels do I run? I like these top line N model +9 to drive with. Easy to see.

But I have these TE37 that are totally spot for a time attack / 90's drift feel. The Hyper Bronze Metallic are by Spice and the 17" realistic look are by Street Jam.

I'll probably start with these. the 17" wheels are very realistic even with forged monoblock and all the JWL lettering on the wheels, but the spice ones are Bling Bling! +9 is almost perfect. but I think +8 or a 4mm axle spacer will be used to tuck them just a little.

But I also tried a lot of others. Speed Way Pal Panasport G7 are +10 and the titanium colour is cool

 The dish looks good on the rear, butsomehow all the imagery of Pan Speed cars scream CE28N (I have a set of yokomo ones in +3) maybe

I tried Weds, no..

Green N model... no so I will try a few more on the morning with a fresh outlook.

My DRB helmet received a colour matched visor and Tsunami logo. Drive well little head, bring it home in one piece.


  1. hey this is white boy wonder from hyper drift!!! very well execution on this pan speed body. very clean and organized!!

    in 2-3 years i will be bringing my soon to be wife (in may) to japan for our honeymoon! and i want to visit a bunch of rc tracks and car related stuff. also see the countryside with the wifey!!

  2. Thanks...

    There're lots of maps on line to the tracks.

    Japan is a mix of old and new. tons to do. What will rc be like in 2-3 years? things are progressing very quickly these days.

  3. About the wheels I would go with the TE-37's. The Spice ones are nice but I would say go with the matte finish. I think you will get a great look that won't take all the attention away from the body (although I don't know how that would be possible.) btw really looking forward to the Max-One debut. Can't wait to see the pictures. Great work as always. Really lookin forward to getting some tips one making some super scale bodies when I get there. Also what are you using to get the door trim details?


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