Thursday, November 19, 2015

Square Dance

Drifting is like dancing in a way. you need a good partner.

When people travel interstate or even a just couple of hours inter city and bring a drift car. You know they are keen. 

You can probably also guarantee, they will be on your door after a short tune.

Such is the style of a crazy drifter.

The other night at GCRC these two boys were dialed in and performing well. Tonight trying something different.  

But soon mashing it up.

RWD style in full force.

Follow the leader... New young drivers and the next gen mixing it up.

plenty of this. The sign says... This is Drift, not racing... but actually there was a three lap race at one point. haha!

 But this is the kind of proximity we are used to.


Chasing the wide line.


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