Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Force

In my family, the force, strong it is.

Define the good side, bad side, dark domination or a rebellion, care not I. To me, Fun it is.

Vader RWD driving is. Machine more than human, say you might. 90% Owner of RWD, at the highest level, tell you they will. Gyro and 'control' aspect of drift, intrude it does not. New skill set, require it does.

Young Skywalker 4WD Full Counter Drift 2.5:1 Setting, Drive he does. New components installed it has. Ready for RWD conversion it has become. 

Vader's RWD pull. Strong at the moment is. Be able to resist moving the Silver DRB to RWD, I will not.

Another machine to handle 'control'? Then so be it. Fun will it be? Will it not?

Cloudy the future is. Complicated RWD setting becomes. Many questions you have. Setup with patience you must. Behold this advice.

For once you start down the RWD Path, forever dominate your destiny, it will.

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