Friday, November 13, 2015


GCRC = Gold Coast RC Raceway.

Time to test a few more RWD setups.But i get distracted by awesome battles.

This time I lowered the GRK Slide rack on the DRB-REW, but I am still waiting on some front stub axles so I can install some GX knuckles to get the maximum lock that I want. It meant that setting was driving was limiting the ability to set a constant line and not having that "spin preventing" safety margin in ultimate maximum lock past 65 degrees.  

But I had some good laps with the "White Team"

These two were awesome in door to door bashing. 

Hunting down targets 

And sliding through nicely.

Fun to watch

CS machines Cranking it out, I joined in later with my RWD.

Anyone for Pink? Unfortunately not an S15 aka "ichi-go" 

Or perhaps a little German Auto 

Enter the Drift Package "Drift Master Weight Shift"

Setup is awesome these days. Huge angle, Huge Style.

Admittedly, still a few degrees shy of the long constant angle CS3.5+ machines, going to a matching max angle means dropping outright speed. But the angle is definitely surpassing a CS 2.0ish machine for style and angle.  

Getting machines like this to work on super polished concrete is a massive challenge. But we are all finding that our previous limits and getting higher.

Known working combinations are appearing for some fun times.  

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