Saturday, November 21, 2015

DRW-REW Config #3 Typhoon Spec

Typhoon Spec is the Silver Polished Branding for the RE-Xtreme Machines. This Config is the final testing platform. The most DRB of the DRB-REW so far.

Something about black on silver contrast is cool.

Front mock up setting using older components. 

The main changes here include the use of wiper extensions on the forward DRB position. You can see the upper deck has many options.

In this location you can choose the original ackerman bar or you can use an ajustable turnbuckle linked through the bulkhead.  

original servo mount location.(reversed mounts)

It's a bit easier to see with the contrast that the bulheads are raised, Raised ride height, but towers remain at original height. Small carbon details also finish off the stabi.

I installed this antenna from my old car, then i realised i had a built in antenna on the RX-482... haha.

reversing the motor and using a Sakura pulley set means you can eliminate a lot of bearings and tensioners.

Diff polishing underway at this point. 

V2 front end in use. Overdose ackerman bar and OD wipers still used. My extensions just need a spacer on the shock or a little trimming for clearance.

But I'm certainly getting lock. I'm goinf to use GX V2 knuckles on this machine to replace the OLD od 8-8 hubs.

Next testing...

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