Sunday, November 1, 2015

GCRC Sunday Sessions

An awesome session this sunday. So much great driving on show. 

Still running tight.

CS Benchmarks! CS has seemed to settle at around 3.4:1 ~ 4.0:1 these days. Huge constant angle.

RWD also settling into a rhythm.

Everyone is Side by Side by Side. 

s-chassis battles all over the place.

A little RWD grouping during our mandatory concentration break.

CS  Machines.

And the RWD conversions.

With the super shiney concrete at GCRC, we have struggled to find a tyre that can produce speed without marking up the surface. That means harder tyres and lower outright speed.

The Speedline CR-1 are not an outright speed match for the HDPE topline or RC-Art tyres we use on the CS cars. They are about 5% slower. But they can produce some of the closest battles I've seen in a long time. 

once you come to grip with the gearing required to get speed out of a low grip tyre.

You can have some serious fun.

Line up the competition.

Try and close the gap

But be careful of the lead car.

And get on the door....

lap after lap after lap.

More fun to come at GCRC.


  1. Rush do you think that some day rwd without a gyro will be possible?

  2. Definitely Possible now.
    BUT It's only possible if you have enough grip.

    One of our friends had a heavy DPM with no Gyro. A little slower than normal car. But was driving well.
    At GCRC we have near ZERO grip. The surface is very very very polished.

    We always run a very soft rear setup to get grip.
    On carpet, i have to reverse the setting. Very hard rear spring to get slip.


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