Tuesday, November 24, 2015

gcrc tOOsday

Line 'em up for another awesome GCRC drift session.

Come on down for some super slide action.

New RWD Control Tyres have been set for the main circuit.

GCRC Polished concrete is a special mix. 


These are a specific rear wheel drive tyre for concrete.

Once you get used to the lower rear wheel speed and a squeeze on the throttle, performance is awesome.

Everyone was circulating well.  Countersteer &

RWD... playing together.

Lot's of photographers, means lots of action captured.

Chasing the chaser is a good passtime.

Being chased by the chaser is also good fun.

But whether you like Mayonaise or Tomato Sauce... 

You are always getting squeezed. These 3 are FR-D vs FXX-VIP vs DP-RW

Sometimes you get the shot you want.

Sometimes not.

And sometimes in between.

Chucking the FD around is one of my favorite things.

Build speed then throw it into the corner at close to full lock. Then let the chassis slide at angle while keeping the momentum is a delicate balance right on the limit.

Here we are sorting out speed differences. But the attack  means setting up early and getting back into position.

Being smooth in the train is important. dial out the big entries a little.

180 style.

 R32 Style

Good to see the JUN Hyper Lemon S13 still looking awesome.

Until the next session... Let's go!

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