Tuesday, November 17, 2015

GCRC on a busy Tuesday

It's a toosday test and tune. A busy night with GCRC Off road racing and the drift track full!

Mixing it up CS and RWD. 

Miura-san's designs on show. Rocket Liberty Bunny Walk action a plenty

Bomber DRB!

X-Ray and Vacula Battles.

I've been spending a lot of time... Side by Side with the tofu shop

Big angle entries...

you just gotta try and gather it all up, before you get back on the throttle. but don't let go of the lock.

Building speed before another big Entry.

 Swapping positions for battle action.

Chuck it!

Power / Brake / Steer,  it's a fine balance.

GT-R32 Out for destruction!

Slide ON!

Was good to meet some interstate visitors... Roof detail is awesome.

Straight on the line, picking up the line pretty quickly. Custom pipes and alloy drag wing looking awesome.

I don't mind handing out the RWD for some sampling. 

Most people take to it pretty quickly with a bit of guidance.

So after a good 3 hours. Running the commodore was a final session for me.

I slapped the Speedline R8 Drift Star Wheels and Topline HDPE on my no1 super favourite FULL de-anodised and polished, Overdose Silver DRB Spec 2.5cs chassis.

I really had in my mind that it would remain my last 4WD chassis.


1. Sooo FAST!
2. Super Super quick transitions
3. Super Super huge angles all the time.


RWD conversion coming soon. But I'll keep the CS parts for this one... just in case.

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