Friday, November 13, 2015


Conversion Kits require a donor. This is the start of DRB-REW #004

While many components will still need to be purchased. Having a solid base is always good. 

This DRb is CS 1.8 with full alloy Yokomo Upgrades, Some Overdose parts and the right gear most importantly purchased at the "right" price. Seems a shame to pull it apart.

Something like this new, would have been 700 + Alloy Upgades + CS parts + OD Parts + V2 Front taking it way up there.

But now, something like this is only a fraction of that.  

Converting to my REW-RWD, means you will have some surplus components and the switch to the back means you can eliminate all the long belt guides.

Front One Way,
Front CVDs
Front C-Hubs
Front lower arms

Rear CS Spool
Rear Belt
Guide Pulleys
Main chassis plate
Upper deck
Front suspension tower
Rear suspension tower

( I'll be listing a lot of CS stuff for sale soon )

And some other bits, but then you need to decide what to add.

Because the DRB-REW can support Drift Package parts also for suspension, you have to pull out all your old bits before you decide which way to go.

For #004

I'm still undecided what the eventual setting will be. It's hard to limit yourself to certain components when some of the modern options offer more flexibility.

Front Knuckles and stub axle.
Some Ball Pivots.
Front Lower Y Arms and extensions.
DRB-REW Conversion kit.

and thats about it.

On another note. I'm still working on a few other chassis.

DRB-REW Protoype #001 Tsunami Blue DP Wipers.
DRB-REW Conversion #002 Ninja Black GRK Slide Rack
DRB-REW Conversion #003 Typhoon Silver DRB Extensions

DRB-REW Conversion #004 spec TBA

Other current projects include this Plastic DoriPake which is under RWD Construction (includes RF chassis choice).

Too many projects... Yep. You bet.

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