Monday, November 16, 2015

DRB-REW Revisions

DRB-REW ... From CAD to Reality.

I was influenced by a post I saw on the interwebs.  Inverse servo mount between the front bulkhead using the normal drift package wiper setup on the reversed mounts for DRB.

Having already incorporated the DRB reverse position, DP mounts and more. This was a no-brainer to add.

With the bulkheads raised 5mm with the Weight Shift Spacer Set already and the front tower cutout already having the ability to clear a larger spur. Clearance for the servo is there and all I needed to do was to modify the support up front and the upper deck.

So, it was off to the PC to draw up a front mount and modification to the upper deck as a servo mount.

While this will sneak into the production version untested. It's a small mod, that opens up the choices for everyone. To those waiting for the REW... Won't be long now. Small delays like this should make the end result even better. It's all coming together.

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