Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Get in the slipstream... @ GCRC

It starts with a 4 way entry...

Then try and hang on under power.

And get ready for the switch!

Every couple of laps, we wait for that small mistake so we can move up the order. 

or just chill at the back to enjoy the flavour.

Out of a 3 hour session, I only use the camera for about 5 minutes. 

But there's always someone trying to show off sliding the wall. 

Or simply cruising.

It was actually a task to get everyone to stop for a 1 minute shoot.

Driftline S13, FXX S15, DRB-REW FD3s, Hayabusa S14, Bianca JZX

Tonight I was play with weight shift setting so the ride height was a little higher than normal.

Chase time!

Running away from Tomato Sauce and mustard.

I still need to concentrate on setting a line. Even after 5 years. I'm crap at leading.

But I try.

But drop a tiny bit of speed or make a small mistake, and the train will catch up. These battles are tight!

I have some more "dudes" to bring to the circuit for scenery. A few new things have been added around the place.

Still fighting with bump steer on the slide rack setting, but new knuckles on the way which should eliminate that.

DRB-REW Ninja black setting is tested and proven. Now it's time for chassis setting #3 Typhoon silver. 

What an awesome session! Loving the Tuesday Tsuiso.

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