Sunday, November 8, 2015


RE-Birth of the FD3s is subtle but somehow more menacing.

Previously, the front splitter and rear wing extensions were black. Combining the white image has created a clean skin and even more subtle but supercar style.

The only black on the car now is on the mirrors and velcro mounted rear diffuser. ducktail can be removed depending on track downforce requirements.

The double wing is working very well. 

The RB kit from demi works is incorrect in scale terms, with the front fenders scaled bigger and the rear fenders scaled smaller. 

The front bupler is also basic in it's replication of reality, but the overall effect is what we see here. Adding the body coloured splitter has totally changed the look, from  blunt to sharp 

definitely liking the overall outcome.


  1. I love your build. Would you mind sharing what you used to attach your body kit?

  2. Do you sell any of these ? Looks sick. Really like how you did the logos, nice and clean.

    1. No I don't sell this one.

      Tamiya + Demi Works Kit


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