Saturday, August 27, 2016

DRB-REW + BRZ = Battle Rage Zone

An early start keeps you fresh for action...

Machines ready.

Left is Tamiya Subaru BRZ + Addiction Rocket Bunny V1 + Yokomo GDB - STI Parts

Right is Tamiya Toyota 86 + Addiction Rocket Bunny V1 + Yokomo GDB - STI Parts 

About the only difference in the Tamiya bodies is the bumper /  Lights and side vent.  

Underneath these 2 are .RSG. DRB-REW V1.0 Ninja and V1.1 Samurai 

When we switch, you have to be close...

Very close.

Countless laps of close battles. 

Love the imagery. Thanks to our photographer.

Lights ablaze... building speed out of the hairpin.

Then slashing through the esses.

tracing the line.

This is not the start point... This is big entry style at maximum attack.

Sometimes deep near the wall...

 Sometimes clean outside the Tetsujin curbing...

Sometimes on the curb.

And sometimes.... you simply have some fun...

Full brakes... big angle, riding the curbs... on line and a fast switch... Love it! 

Then you have to gather it all up through the tight section and start again. Lap after lap.

Sooo Clean...!

3 years on...3rd wing, second diffuser, right fender has gone... but it's hanging together... Just.

Build to Thrash.

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