Tuesday, August 2, 2016

GCRCD- Regular Action

If you are looking for some close drift battles, GCRC-D has been showing that GCRC drivers haven't lost their edge.

While we wait for a little more space to be added to the circuit, it doesn't stop the door to door battles.

Full OD DP Weight Shift in action with DRB-REW.

Battles a plenty

Dp Drift Master Weight Shift also ripping.

GCRC-D is also home to the DriftLine "Dori-Sen" DL-Zero but we all love drift.

But no matter what you are driving... you had better bring your concentration...

Because once the switch is ON

It's ON!

And it doesn't stop. 

RWD and CS machines cruising together.

But the RWD machines are definitely more flexible in the tight space.

We ran a mini mini-comp to check the state of play. It brings the nerves for sure.  

Trying to refine my skill set before I head to Japan, I always have James Redman's youthful insane reflexes as a benchmark.  

He took out the mini battle, so I was happy to spend a few runs of door to door. 

It's getting to be a pretty even battle these days.

lap after lap of near mistake free intensity.

Triple battle lap here.!!

 .RSG. DRB-REW 86 vs DriftLine DL-ZERO 34

Switch backs are awesome when we swap within milimeters.

And long braking dual entries are very cool.

 I think I still have a very very very very slight edge.

But who cares... we are having loads of fun! GCRC-D is small but the track is rewarding.

I cut the windows on the 86 to get a better view of my driver. A bit of dynamic change in aero, but nothing a tweak here and there won't fix. 

We found a new line tonight that was also pretty cool. 

Full track length straight run into long handbrake entries. Through a narrow space. I'll have to think how to not delete this option from our permanent track design. 

In some ways the narrow track in places just makes it better. 

Remember Saturday is August 6th = 86Day. Come down for a bit of action.

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