Saturday, August 20, 2016

Super Saturday Skyline Sessions

The Super Saturday Skyline Session was an impromptu mini meet.

A typical early start after a stop at the servo

But it didn't take long for the guys to get shredding.

and the battles began.

New machine debut! 

with light and dark contrast.

Thrashing through the scenery, 

Skylines of new and old.

And the odd one who forgot the R32 body shell.

With the first session over, time to park up for the pics.

Skies in Line.

2 doors, 4 doors, coupes 32,33,34,35 in attendance

an impressive lineup.

All with their own style.

How Low is the low style project?

 Pretty low.

And the battles are about to restart.

3,2,1 GO!

GCRCD is tight, but thats the challenge for Scale RC 

battles were strong.

some angle practice 90degrees

87 degrees

89 degrees

you get the idea.

then there was some new machine practice.

Stoked to see so many RE-Xtreme sticker sets on show.

next sticker sets are for AE86

And the sliders brand will feature.

late in the day, some rain kept us at the track. I swapped the chassis under the Moon.

and played until the sun went down and the rain disappeared.

and finished later in the dark.An awesome day.

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