Saturday, August 6, 2016


8月6日はハチロック祭り。Get there.

 Makes more sense in Japanese. August 6 is the Hachi Roku Festival. GCRCD Style

 I was late... so in a hurry...

It wasn't long before I was in the hunt.

Dropping back into position.

For the super tight switch! 

But it wasn't only the new cars on track. 

Couldn't wait to start the demise of the brand new Green Slimer.

Hanging back for a while on debut.

While we played and the gaps started to reduce.  

These three are DRB-REW. 

Love riding the Tetsujin curb. 

Almost as much as the big fat entries. 


Still getting the drift on.

Enter another DRB-REW. 

This one runs yet another parts combination. 

But still effective. 

REW- Three Way battles. But at times there were 4 on track together.

A small mini-comp was run. With some tight battles.  

But I must say, I enjoy the constant laps like this.

Skittles style. brightness.

Not only 86s on track, but a whole bunch of fun. 

This is the line we wanted for the drift competition.

Maybe our next goal will be constant 10 car + trains on this line.

These are the last pics from this dull environment...

Bring on the GCRC Refresh.

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