Tuesday, August 16, 2016

GCRCD - Battle Zone

A little more real... The track continues to evolve.

One of the aims of GCRCD is to create a realistic environment.

Hobbies all combine... RC / Drift / Scale Modelling and Photography

With some new scenery, all the guys were enjoying the new scene. 

There's a lot of red and white tape at the moment, but that will change once the track layout is finalized.  It works well with these two cars.

But I'm definitely targeting the more natural image.

Big Big Entries... became the norm as I dialed in the DRB-REW. As much as I hate the tuning process, it needs to be done.

And pretty soon we were back on tandem...

Double Moon action...

When you get too close to the wall, you can't get the angle... This was one such entry, but still scraping.

All comers hooking in.

And whipping the beasts.

Details come to life... Pretty soon. Drivers might have to be mandatory.

Static machines. 

James adding some touge inspiration. Thank you!

Soon used for photography.

Parked up.

The mix of 2 door and 4 door skylines prepping for a (Saturday Skyline Session)

but a bunch of FD action also with D-Like. 

RC Art + Yokomo 

and Tamiya / demi works. 

R8 ... not your average drifter...

Standard fare.

RWD Style.

Driftline machines on track.

never more than a few inches apart.

I'll finish with a unicorn shot. My R32 with chrome rims... Never to be seen again...

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