Tuesday, August 9, 2016


YEEE HAAAA!!! GCRC-DRIFT is game on!

Diorama circuit is coming along... Can't wait for more awesome shots.

And our colours are back.

Still only about 50% complete. Our visitors still enjoying the environment.

Imagery is great!

And it will only improve. 

Line marking is just the beginning.

Once it's all cleaned up. the environment will be somewhat involving. 

You can see here a section of floor that is still to be finished. 

Some big 4wd degrees.

Getting in the groove.

Still entertaining watching the suspension over the Tetsujin curves.

A scrape then some more noise. They are a good feature. Just be prepared for a little more ride height.

Drift Line men in for the night. 

Showing off for the crowd.

 Driven vs Ghost... Drivers recommended for realism.

Deep Entries are definitely still possible, even on the tight circuit. It's a circuit you must drive.

Subaru Sliding'.... All I see is TARGET!

Loose is a good word in Drift. 

Watch those pipes!

 A late finish...

I think everyone was so involved they didn't realize how quickly the time went. 

GCRC-D will soon be even better with new track sections and more realistic surrounds in place.

GAME.... ON! 

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