Saturday, August 27, 2016

GCRCD - Sat Set

GCRCD Sliders out in force.

Charged and ready.

Leading the trains.

and deepening the entry

Training style.

RWD Burnouts!

and 4wd burnouts...

Helped out RWD starters with angle and setups.   Ummm... that mirror though!

and soon the smiles were on.

86 working hard.

Maxi- Drift - taxi... I'd pay that fare. 

But after a 10 hour session...

time for a re-fuel and personal re-charge 

In two weeks, this number plate 168 (i-ro-ha) will be reunited with it's maker. Can't wait to level check with the best of the best in Japan. IN Japan.

Bring it. 

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