Saturday, August 20, 2016

.RSG. RE-XTREME Checkpoint.

RE-Xtreme 20-16 - August Checkpoint.

from Circuit and Driving... to Chassis and Body detailing. Scale style is the way forward. 


The driving portion of RC Drift is where most enjoyment comes for myself.  

Maximum 90 + degree angles at high speed ...

settling into constant arc corners with realistic angle is the challenge.

To get there, I've been absolutely enjoying the challenge of building the right amount of speed in a straight line before initiation and slide.

My days of unrealistic 90 degree+ angles in low speed corners and straights with 4WD are long gone. I'm enjoying the balance of angle, grip and car speed with realistic rear wheel drive.

The machine under the FD3s Rx7 is this Yokomo based DRB with my own .RSG. design REW (Rear Evolution Weight Shift ) chassis components. 

Having a number of 4wd DRB models and not wanting to re-invest in an entire fleet of new RWD models that were basically the same except the chassis no longer requires a second gearset, second belt, Drive shafts etc...

I redesigned the DRB chassis in the reverse layout which frees the front end for realistic movement. Elimination of the restrictive 4wd front driveshafts allows maximum steering angle and variation of layout.
The upper battery location aids rear traction also.

On the right you can see an electronic Gyro.

I call this the electronic steering rack which slows the speed of steering servo movement and helps control line.  This "driver's aid" is now definitely proven to more closely replicate reality.

In my case, I tried RWD without one, and the the experience with one seems dull. But once realising the simple fact that you shouldn't need to steer from lock to lock in less than 0.06/second for successful control means the RC experience of 4WD machines without gyro is simply more unrealistic.

So now the front end looks like this. Top shelf 4wd components less than a year old just don't cut it in the world of RWD, so we modified what what we could. These days however, new components from major manufacturers are available everywhere.

My chassis are now 3.

DRB-REW Version 1.0 Tsunami Spec Blue / SSG Silver

 DRB-REW Version 1.0 Samurai Spec Red / CSG Black

DRB-REW Version 1.2 Typhoon Spec Polish / SSG Silver

 The current body sets include these machines.

 All with drivers and details.

Mini DP RWD project is just awaiting time for setup.

I have an FR-D underway for full front engine rear drive. A high revving "V8".5T is the motor choice. I'll be moving the ESC and Servo right under the battery so the layout will also support full body figures.

Something that my photography enjoys.

All this RC doesn't even come anywhere near my desire for a new machine...  Fd3s RX-7 stockbody + low. It's all I need so the search is underway.

Still 4 months remain until 2017 kicks in... and that is ample time to enjoy RC and Real machines.

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